Electric Heat Rebates

Rebate funds are available to eligible members making an electric heating installation as a primary source of heating in a new or improved existing structure providing said installation meets with the established criteria.

Residential Heating System Incentives (single family)

  • $600 Cash Rebate for Geothermal or Air to Air heat pump systems that have earned the Energy Star label from the US EPA/DOE
  • Minimum 2 ton unit required to qualify
  • Only one rebate will be paid per customer


Agricultural and Commercial Heating Incentives

  • Heat pumps $50/ton
  • Resistance heat $10/kw

Water Heater Rebate

Members who purchase a “lifetime” warranted electric water heater have the following rebates available: 

  • 50 Gallons or more - $6.00 per gallon
  • Water Heaters smaller than 50 gallon capacity do not qualify for load control or rebates

Each member who has purchased a “lifetime” warranted electric water heater must present a copy of the invoice in order to receive their rebate.

Electric water heaters currently under warranty are not eligible for a rebate.

The water heater must remain under the control of the load management system.

Some restrictions apply. Contact the Member Service Department for more information regarding eligibility.

EnergyStar Appliances - NOTICE: Appliance rebates will expire 12/31/2019 and will not be available in 2020. Claim your rebate before the end of the year to qualify.

Member rebates are available from Bon Homme Yankton Electric for the purchase of qualifying Energy Star® appliances to replace existing appliances.
The following rebates are available:

  • Washing Machine $50
  • Dishwasher $50
  • Refrigerator $100
  • Freezer $100

The new appliances must be replacing existing appliances and the member must supply proof of disposal for replacement refrigerator rebates.

You must supply a dated receipt for purchase. 

Contact Bon Homme Yankton Electric for the rebate form or for additional information.